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Iron and Manganese Removal

What does Iron and Manganese Cause?

Iron and Manganese cause staining of sinks and baths, and may also cause staining of laundry, especially whites. The Iron causes a brown rusty colour, whereas the Manganese, which is a metal similar to Iron, causes a blackish staining. Iron in water is often accompanied by Manganese and both have a tendency to clog pipes after several years. Iron is often accompanied by a rotten egg smell i.e. Hydrogen Sulphide and that may come from a non-dangerous type of bacteria, or from sulphurous rock. Iron and Manganese can also cause a bitter taste in drinking water, tea, whiskey and so on, and may cause the whiskey to go black. The presence of Iron or Manganese is often detected when Milton is added to water to sterilise a baby's bottle, as the Milton will cause the Iron or Manganese to oxidise and cause them to discolour the water.

Iron Removal from WaterBefore Iron and Manganese are oxidised, they are said to be in solution, in that state the water will be perfectly clear as it exits from the cold kitchen tap, however, a high pH like Milton, or a high temperature like boiling, or simply by leaving it rest in the attic tank will cause it to oxidise i.e. to rust and become discoloured, and very slowly deposit at the bottom of the tank. If there is also Lime in the water, the scale formed will be brown in colour.

How to remove the Iron and Manganese issue?

Manganese Water Filter / Iron Water Filter

The optimum solution to remove hardness (lime) from your water is to install a Nature's Water Ltd. Iron and Manganese Water Filter System. The Iron and Manganese Removal Filters remove absolutely all of the Iron and Manganese from the water, and in addition to this, they also remove the lime totally from the water. We are the leading providers of high quality iron and manganese water filters. We can call and install the system for you. If required we can call to you and assess your premises for location and workings of the system first-hand, click here for a free call-out.

If you would like a full water analysis from the laboratory to ensure that iron and manganese removal is the only issue click here to arrange a water test.

Price of Iron Removal from Water or Manganese Removal

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*It is advised to have a full water analysis completed on the water to determine the type of Iron water filter and Manganese water filter for you. Please complete the Water Analysis Test so we can provide you with the perfect system for your water.


Adding the under sink drinking water Reverse Osmosis System works hand in glove with your Iron and Manganese Removal System and many people will install both together. Not only will you have manganese and iron removed from the water, it will also result in Bacteria Free Water all over your house and perfect pure safe crystal clear at your sink. Click here for more information of the drinking water filter system.