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Iron and Manganese Removal

What does Iron and Manganese Cause?

Iron and manganese can lead to sinks and baths becoming stained and could also affect laundry, especially whites. Iron leaves a brown colour reminiscent of rust while manganese causes a dark staining. The two substances are often found in water together and both are known to clog pipes over time. Also, iron usually emits the smell of hydrogen sulphide, which is as pungent as that of rotten eggs, as well as affecting the taste of water, tea and coffee. Indeed, it can even cause whiskey to go black. Iron and manganese can usually be discovered by adding a sterilising fluid such as Milton which will cause it to oxidise and subsequently discolouring the water.

Iron Removal from WaterBefore oxidisation, iron and manganese are said to be ‘in solution’, i.e. the water is perfectly clear as it flows from the cold tap. However, it can be oxidised by adding a high-pH substance like Milton or boiling the water. If lime is present in the water, the scale will appear brown.

How to remove iron and manganese

Manganese Water Filter / Iron Water Filter

The best way of removing lime from your water is to purchase and install an iron and manganese water filter system from Nature’s Water Ltd. Our filters remove all traces of iron and manganese from water, as well as eliminating lime. In addition to providing high-quality water filters, we can call to your home or workplace (callouts are free of charge) and install the system for you, assessing the location and workings of the system. You can also arrange a water test if you wish for us to conduct a full analysis.

*It is advised to have a full water analysis completed on the water to determine the ideal iron and manganese filter for you.Please complete the Water Analysis Test so we can provide you with the perfect system for your water.


Adding an undersink reverse osmosis system works hand in glove with your iron and manganese removal system and it is advised to install both together. This not only eradicates iron and manganese from your water, but will also leave your home with crystal clear, bacteria-free water that’s perfectly safe to drink.